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Evaluaciones sonométricas y vibratorias
Laboratorio de ensayos según norma UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005
Entidad de inspección según norma UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020: 2004

Entidad Nacional de Acreditación

» Infrastructure and installation noise maps, special models and strategic noise maps

Industrial infrastructure and services zone for the municipalities of Palma, Bunyola and Marratxí in Mallorca

Environmental assessment of the existing facilities and infrastructure in the main industrial and services zone for the municipalities of Palma, Bunyola and Marratxí (Mallorca). Generation of a noise map of the area.

Client: Tirme S.A. (Mallorca)

Date: 2007

» Environmental impact assessment of the sound pollution from an integrated incineration plant for solid urban waste, with regard to its surroundings

Isophonic contour map with the levels generated by the development of the plant’s activity on its surroundings.

Client: Remesa – autonomous town of Melilla

Date: 2006 – 2007

» Gesa Endesa electricity generation power station, Eivissa

  • Environmental assessment of the exterior sound immission of the area surrounding Eivissa power station.
  • Noise model of the Eivissa power station using the results obtained in the sound test inspection.
  • Prediction of the acoustic response, separated from the environmental noise.
  • Production of various noise maps, depending on the activity.

Client: Gesa – Endesa

Date: 2008 – 2009

 Gesa Endesa Eivissa

» Predictive model of the acoustic response of a future wind farm, Terra Alta, Tarragona, Catalunya

Technical study of the predicted noise levels capable of being generated with the implementation of a wind farm, with regard to rural guest accommodation.

Client: Neo Energia (Bon Vent Vilalba S.L. i Bon Vent Corbera S.L.)

Date: 2009

» Sound modelling and generating a strategic noise map as an urban planning management tool (comprehensive reform of the Platja de Palma)

Environmental assessment sound test programme to obtain the noise level indicators (Ld, Le, Ln) present in the entire study area (1,000 ha) of the Platja de Palma, strategically planned for the best identification of the various sources of noise.

Model of the resulting isophonic contours (with the assessed causes) using a 3D simulation. Creation of the various noise maps, with method validation, to constitute an efficient sound pollution management tool for the Platja de Palma reform project.

Diagnosis, analysis and conclusion report on the acoustic reality of the area. Creation of viable guidelines for the action plans. Audiovisual presentation of the model.

Client: Consorci de la Platja de Palma

Date: August 2009

Acustica Industrial
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