ENAC accredited testing laboratory in the field of acoustics

Laboratory accredited by ENAC, with no. 887/LE1774.

AVALUA, Inspection and Test Laboratory entity.

AVALUA is an Inspection and Laboratory Entity specialized in the evaluation of noise pollution in all areas and sectors. Determines, through standardized protocols and normatively regulated methodologies, the quantification and qualification of the sound emission and sound or vibration immission of an item under study. Thus, once the significant evaluation levels to characterize it have been obtained, through careful fieldwork, the values will be contrasted with the requirements established in the current regulatory documents of application. Subsequently, a Declaration of Conformity will be issued (favorable / unfavorable / inconclusive) towards these legislative texts. However, outside the scope of accreditation, we also carry out all standardized building tests, such as determining the acoustic insulation of construction walls, evaluating the reverberation time in rooms, etc. The certificates issued by the Inspection and Testing Laboratory Entity, AVALUA, constitute documents of maximum protection and legal validity, since it has the highest accreditation in the matter. This accreditation means:

International recognition of the technical competence of AVALUA by an independent and competent body.

It offers the guarantee that the laboratory has been evaluated and accredited through a demanding independent quality control.

The personnel and instruments have been duly qualified in the management system that the laboratory has implemented.

It constitutes a differentiating fact in the market, guarantee of integrity and competition.

This can be consulted through the ENAC portal at the following link.