SiMSo Monitoring System

Sonometric monitoring system for the management, control, surveillance and continuous acoustic certification of activities and events.

As a society we have granted ourselves regulations to guarantee the correct cohabitation of uses and a harmonious coexistence; based on evaluation procedures that guarantee objectivity, being quantifiable and common.

In short, what we pursue as technicians and the administration as a guarantor when ensuring regulatory compliance, is to guarantee coexistence, compatibility, and cohabitation of uses.

Citizens have every right to rest, to a healthy sound environment. Just as activities and infrastructures have every right to operate as long as they respect the normatively established sound immission values.

To achieve these objectives, it is essential that we all apply evaluation and management tools in a precise, identical way and without interpretations that distort them, since otherwise society could lose.

That is why we have designed a continuous sonometric monitoring system to guarantee reliable data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Thus, with a permanent management, control, surveillance, and acoustic certification system, it is the best way to demonstrate regulatory compliance for all parties involved.

Current technology allows us all this treatment of parameters and data. With our accumulated know-how, and extensive experience of more than 25 years in the acoustic assessment sector, it has allowed us to design an effective and efficient system for the correct management of noisy activities, framing them within the range of regulatory operation. This is the best way to guarantee its functionality and economic viability.

Permanently demonstrating the correct functional operation within the normative values, is the best example of good business practices and social responsibility.

The AVALUA-SiMSo sonometric monitoring system is a system that allows the continuous recording of the existing acoustic pressure levels in a given area.

The AVALUA-SiMSo system allows:

The simultaneous multipoint evaluation, being scalable, depending on the required casuistry, constituting a tool for management, surveillance, control, and continuous acoustic certification.

Simultaneously evaluate both the immission and the sound emission, in order to have permanent control and characterize the item properly, with all the necessary acoustic parameters and being able to obtain audios instantly to the sound event. As well as the entire record history.

It becomes an essential tool for the management of the activity with real-time information and historical accumulation. It is an instrument demonstrating good practice that ends up constituting a true acoustic safety system.

In this way, the ownership of the activity ensures compliance with the normatively established limits on a permanent basis.

It is a tool that can be consulted through a web platform accessible from anywhere through a terminal and Internet access, with observance of the normatively established limit values.