Right to silence. Legal-technical tools against noise.

Francisco José Ojuelos Gómez, lawyer (www.fojuelos.com): I have the honor and pleasure of announcing the publication of the work Derecho al silencio (Herramientas jurídico-técnicas frente al noido), co-written with Bartomeu Rosselló i Boeres, friend and acoustics engineer. The book condenses the professional experience of an acoustics engineer and a lawyer who have been collaborating for more than a decade in the construction of the Law against noise pollution. Years of professional experience with the intention of offering a practical tool that does not avoid the theoretical analysis of the norms and jurisprudence that is necessary to offer the wide optic in this regard. Based on a real issue as a discursive guide, the central object is to outline the “Right to silence”, a concept that aims to synthesize the relevance that the fundamental right to the inviolability of the home has on noise pollution regulations and the possibilities that are deployed under its protection.

In short, it is a legal instrument with technical foundations that will allow those who have already approached it to delve into the matter or complete a detailed vision to those who have not. Based on the defence against noise suffered at home, essential issues will be dealt with in order to discover an approach to operating that respects the legal system. Allow the accounting and cohabitation of uses, hand in hand with technical and human resources and the transparency that is essential. To authors, these sets of knowledge seem like a treasure; Hopefully the reader as well.


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