Webinar for the Americas and Europe with Bartomeu Rosselló. The evolution of the acoustic experience in the leisure sector compatible with respect for the environment. Activities of the XXI century.

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to talk and debate with you ASOBARES COLOMBIA. Special thanks to Mr. Camilo Ospina Guzmán for making this great opportunity possible, addressing a topic of growing interest in our society. To be able to guarantee the enjoyment of an optimal sound environment in the leisure sector, maximizing the experience with respect for the environment and rest of citizens. In short, to ensure the cohabitation of uses and coexistence.

Looking forward to establishing the discussion with you. Greetings

We inform you that due to the pandemic containment measures recently announced by the Government of Colombia against the third wave that affects the country, from Asobares they inform us of the postponement of the event scheduled for April 21, in order to focus on emergency management actions. So, we will announce the new date of the proposed webinar later. Many thanks.

We will overcome this COVID-19 situation with our effort and joint action. Be my guest!

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