The new reality, real-time SiMSo sonometric monitoring for XXI activities, present at the Horeca Professional Expo HIP2021 IFEMA

We must be able to guarantee #DretAlSilenci as well as #DretAlFuncionament. Every citizen has the right to rest, just as all activity has the right to function as long as it complies with regulatory requirements.

Objectifying such a sensitive aspect, with truthful, reliable and accurate information, to operate within the law, is the formula for resolving any conflict due to noise. Also avoiding the efforts that the administration must make in this regard to solve it.

The technology of the #SiMSo platform, developed by #AVALUA, allows us to monitor in real time all the sound broadcast and immission of activities, especially leisure activities.

From this “new normality” we have learned to value silence much more as well as the need to socialize, always based on respect. In short, to guarantee sustainability and coexistence, correctly managing the activities of the XXI century with the most cutting-edge technology.

This and much more we have discussed in the debate “Evolution, transformation and adaptation of nightlife to the new reality”, moderated by #internationalNightlife, Mr. Joaquim Boades, within the framework of the #HIP2021 at IFEMA, together with the speakers Mr. Camilo Ospina (president Asobares Colombia) and Mr. David Basilio (Hosteleo).