HÏ IBIZA best club in the world for the fourth consecutive year. Third place also for USHUAÏA IBIZA BEACH HOTEL.

Being in The World’s 100 Best Clubs of the International Nightlife Association is not by chance. It is the result of the multidisciplinary work of a great team of professionals that goes far beyond service and quality in production. It’s about adding value to everything you do.   Congratulations nº1 Hï Ibiza and nº3 Ushuaïa Ibiza … Read more

Nightlife promotes quality certification for municipalities committed to nightlife

Source of information: Imam Comunicación Bartomeu Rosselló i Boeres, engineer expert in applied acoustics and CEO and founder of AVALUA, will present the project Acoustically Sustainable Management in the Territory of Responsible Action Certificate (ASMTRA Certificate) during his participation in the 9th Edition of the International Nightlife Congress, which will be held together with the … Read more

The City Council of Ciutadella de Menorca, condemned for not protecting the neighbors against the illegal noise of nightlife

Citadel, July 7, 2023. The Contentious-Administrative Court number 2 of Palma has condemned the City Council of Ciutadella to protect residents against noise, considering that their right to the inviolability of their homes has been violated due to municipal inactivity. The Court applies the consolidated doctrine of the contentious-administrative chamber of the High Court of … Read more

The new reality, real-time SiMSo sonometric monitoring for XXI activities, present at the Horeca Professional Expo HIP2021 IFEMA

We must be able to guarantee #DretAlSilenci as well as #DretAlFuncionament. Every citizen has the right to rest, just as all activity has the right to function as long as it complies with regulatory requirements. Objectifying such a sensitive aspect, with truthful, reliable and accurate information, to operate within the law, is the formula for … Read more

Webinar for the Americas and Europe with Bartomeu Rosselló. The evolution of the acoustic experience in the leisure sector compatible with respect for the environment. Activities of the XXI century.

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to talk and debate with you ASOBARES COLOMBIA. Special thanks to Mr. Camilo Ospina Guzmán for making this great opportunity possible, addressing a topic of growing interest in our society. To be able to guarantee the enjoyment of an optimal sound environment in the leisure … Read more

Right to silence. Legal-technical tools against noise.

Francisco José Ojuelos Gómez, lawyer (www.fojuelos.com): I have the honor and pleasure of announcing the publication of the work Derecho al silencio (Herramientas jurídico-técnicas frente al noido), co-written with Bartomeu Rosselló i Boeres, friend and acoustics engineer. The book condenses the professional experience of an acoustics engineer and a lawyer who have been collaborating for … Read more


Our responsibility and professional rigor forces us to take on the most complex challenges. Therefore, with the problem of noise, as engineers, we cannot take sides but we must offer our technique and experience by providing solutions to each case. Thus, our action is always carried out based on regulatory observance. The only way to … Read more

Perseverance, continuous effort and innovation always pay off

Perseverance, continuous effort and innovation always pay off. Work with an eye towards excellence even more. We are already in a position to open #MarinaBeachClub Valencia, with certification implemented as the first world leisure establishment to achieve it. A challenge where we simply intend to offer safety and quality to our customers. The #InternationalNightlifeSafetyCertified (INSC) … Read more