Our responsibility and professional rigor forces us to take on the most complex challenges. Therefore, with the problem of noise, as engineers, we cannot take sides but we must offer our technique and experience by providing solutions to each case. Thus, our action is always carried out based on regulatory observance. The only way to settle any conflict.

It is up to us to attend and defend affected citizens as well as activities, which must always know how to operate within regulatory frameworks as a guarantee of good and correct operation. Citizens have every right to rest and a healthy sound environment. Just as activities and infrastructures have every right to operate as long as they respect the normatively established sound immission values. To achieve this goal, it is essential that we all apply the evaluation and management tools in a precise, identical way and without interpretations that distort them, since otherwise all parties lose out and society as a whole does too.

Today we want to present a paradigmatic case. A heavy metal festival that has been held for two years in Mallorca, the Full Metal Holiday. The chosen concert location is the Iberostar Cala Barca hotel in Santanyí. Located in a magnificent natural environment, next to the cove of Barca Trencada, next to the Mondragó Natural Park and in the middle of a context of surrounding urbanization with residential use.

A whole week of concerts in the resort that is the one advanced by the main Heavy Metal Festival in Europe, Wacken, in Germany, in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.  The promoters of this festival take advantage of their stay in Mallorca, in autumn, to shape the great festival of the following summer.

Combine the interests of the different parties involved; The correct functioning of the activity by the promoters of the festival and the tourist complex, as well as the rest of the neighbors of the surroundings, as well as the local administration, responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance, can only be guaranteed through a careful technical approach with continuous surveillance, control and management. All together and based on the necessary will of all parties, to respect each other. A goal that if we have the tool that allows us to objectify such subjective issues, it facilitates consensus.

Effective and efficient tools are needed to manage these sound events with respect and respect for what is established by law. From AVALUA we want to put XXI century technology at the service of society, so we have developed a powerful Sonometric Monitoring platform for management, control and continuous surveillance that we have called SiMSo. This allows us to solve issues as delicate as that of the festival exposed, with total and absolute normality of development and cohabitation in the environment. More information here.